Best Car Hire Company in Nairobi – 2021 Complete guide 


Choosing the best car hire company in Nairobi can be hard especially with a road trip or staycation around the corner. However, with these helpful tips, selecting the best rental car company will no longer be stress-inducing.


Qualities to look for in the best car hire company in Nairobi, Kenya


All other qualities aside, there are three key qualities that set a car hire company in Nairobi apart from its competitors. These include convenience, reliability, and transparency.

          1. Convenience 

Convenience is absolutely important because your time is valuable. You want a car hire company in Nairobi that can deliver the service right when you need it. For instance, with Stunner group Kenya, you get the option to either pick up your rental car in various locations in Nairobi. Some of their pickup locations include JKIA, Kileleshwa, Wilson Airport, Lavington, Gigiri, to mention a few. You also have the option to have the rental car delivered to you at your location. Stunner group understands how valuable your time is.

          2. Reliability

Being in the service sector, providing excellent service consistently is the most important thing. This is why reliability should be at the core of everything a car hire company in Nairobi does. For instance, Stunner Group cars are always reliable. No matter what car you book, be it a Toyota Corolla Axio, Toyota Rav4, Land Cruiser V8, or something in between, the car you book will always be available. Their cars are also reliably clean and well maintained.

Their customer service is also always reliable. You can count on them to be polite, helpful, patient and the experience is always memorable. This ensures that their car hire clients are fully satisfied.

          3. Transparency

Another trait that is important for car hire companies in Nairobi is that they need to be transparent. Transparency is especially key where additional charges are concerned.  Stunner Group also values transparency which is why you can see all the charges and fees that come with renting a car from them right on their website. This way you don’t have any extra expenses that will ruin your experience renting a car from them.

Most popular rental cars in Nairobi, Kenya

Toyota Axio

The Toyota Corolla Axio has been a best-seller practically since its creation. It’s also a crowd favorite when it comes to rental cars in Nairobi. 

Toyota Corolla Axio is a small-sized passenger car. It’s convenient and easy to handle. The goal of the design was to make a car that has a dynamic exterior but is still compact in size, and a comfortable interior of moderate size. 

These features are what make it one of the most popular rental cars in Nairobi.


Toyota Mark X

The Toyota Mark X is a mid-size sedan, available in either rear-wheel or all-wheel drive. It’s known for its luxury and powerful six-cylinder engine. It’s a crowd favorite rental car in Nairobi, especially for corporate car hire. 

The Toyota Mark X combines the touch of luxury introduced across the Mark series with substantial power beneath the hood, a more modern aesthetic, and convenient contemporary features to make every drive a smooth one.


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Toyota Rav4

Toyota RAV4 is a great compact SUV. It’s a well-rounded utility vehicle that has a cavernous cabin filled with high-end materials and numerous standard features, while the fuel-efficient engine delivers ample power.

It also has an outstanding combination of cargo and passenger space, safety and reliability ratings, positive reviews from automotive journalists, and available family-friendly features which makes it a great rental car option for adventures in the wild.

Benefits of choosing affordable car hire company in Nairobi, Kenya

Whether it is a baecation, staycation, vacation, or client meeting, an appropriate set of wheels always comes in handy. That is where rental cars come in. Shared below are some of the greatest benefits of rental car services.

                1. No maintenance fees

Rental cars save you from the worries of maintenance fees and depreciation loss. If you don’t need a car every day and use one only on special occasions, then, it’s best for you to rent. This way you won’t incur any maintenance costs.

               2. Freedom and Flexibility

This is especially true when traveling in remote places with hidden gems like a mountain restaurant, hilltop views, and stunning waterfalls. Having a rental car gives you more freedom to explore. 

Traveling with other strangers in a bus or public transport will only allow you to see sights and places in a limited view (like making a stop only on famous, well-trodden hotspots) because there are strict itineraries to follow.

               3. Comfort

Hiring a car allows you to take your adventures at your own pace, no need to be dictated by bus and train times. Waiting for the train or bus can be a hassle if your plan doesn’t go smoothly. 

Let’s not forget how uncomfortable bus seats can be. Compare that to the comfort of your favorite 4X4 or European sedan.

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               4. Convenience

Traveling in a rented car is much more convenient than relying on cabs and other means of transportation. With your rental car, there are no wait times here and there. You have the luxury to get up and go someplace spontaneously. You also don’t have to lose time at each destination waiting for your cab,  bus, or train.

               5. Occassion specific

Rental cars allow you to make a vehicle choice depending on the occasion or what specific needs you may have. 

Whether you are going away as a family and need a minibus or larger car, or need a van as part of your business operations, or you need a wedding car or a 4X4 that can handle off-road trips, rental cars have you covered.

              6. No Taxi, no problem

Rental cars allow you the freedom to travel to places that don’t have taxis. They allow you to have a fun, stress-free vacation where you don’t have to worry about being stranded somewhere with no way to get back to your hotel.

              7. Better safety and performance

Rental cars are often in much better shape than one’s car would be in. Rental cars often have less mileage on them and are frequently serviced to ensure that you can enjoy a safe and happy drive on your vacation.

              8. Look the part

This is especially true for business settings and therefore corporate car hire decisions. Unfortunately, most of the time, big decisions are made based on what is not said, based on things that people make a judgment on from material things like what corporate car you drove in. By renting the right rental car, whether it’s the latest Land Cruiser V8  or the latest Mercedes Benz, you can be sure you’ll always get the gig because you looked the part.

              9. Rental cars are the ultimate test drive

Rental cars are a car enthusiast’s dream. As a car enthusiast in Nairobi, you can drive a different car each week. And why not? 

With car hire services, you can enjoy the latest model of any car in the fleet of your favorite car hire company in Nairobi. Moreover, if you are in the market for a new car, rental cars are the best solution for you to drive your dream car and see how she handles before you make the financial commitment.

5 Important Factors to consider when choosing a car hire company in Nairobi

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One would expect that car hire companies work the same across the board, however, that isn’t the case.

Here are 5 important factors for you to consider when choosing a car hire company in Nairobi. 

                      1. The reputation of the car hire company in nairobi

The first and most important thing for you to consider before choosing a car hire company in Nairobi is its reputation.

When it comes to car hire companies in Nairobi the most important thing is the state of their cars. 

What are previous customers saying about their experience with that specific car hire company? Are the cars well maintained? Are they clean? How many incidences of breakdown have been reported? 

When it comes to car rental services in Nairobi, always take a safety-first approach. If the car hire company passes the reputation test then you can consider other factors before making your final car hire decision.

                      2. Fleet range of the car hire company in nairobi

This next factor is simple. Do they have the car you want? Do they have the car for the occasion you have in mind? If yes then you can head to the next factor to consider.

                      3. Rates of the car hire company

This next factor to consider when choosing a car hire company in Nairobi isn’t as simple as the second one. When it comes to rates you need to consider any additional fees that may not be spelled out along with the rate they charge per day.

In short, are there any hidden costs that will make your trip more expensive? This brings us to the fourth factor.

                      4. Customer service of the car hire company

As more and more car hire companies enter the rental car space in Nairobi, customer service quickly becomes a way to stand out from the competition.

The previous factor mentioned hidden costs and this is something that customer service should communicate with you clearly. However, you as the customer also have the responsibility to ask about any additional costs before you commit to the car hire company.

                     5. Pick up locations the car hire company offers

The fifth factor to consider when choosing a car hire company in Nairobi is their pick-up locations. How many pick-up locations do they have and are they convenient for you? 

If you live in Kileleshwa or Limuru will you have to drive all the way to Mombasa road to collect your car or is there a pick-up location near you? 

Stunner Group is one of the car hire companies in Nairobi that shines on that front. They give their customers the option to either collect their car from one of the eight or so pick-up locations they have or they can have the rental car delivered to the client. 

About us

Stunner Group Kenya is one of the leading car hire companies in Nairobi. We are based at Elysee Plaza Kilimani, Nairobi. We have a great selection of rental cars ranging from small city cars to sedans/ saloon cars, to 4X4s all in the latest models.

We also offer corporate cars for hire at very competitive prices. We are your one-stop car hire company in Nairobi. Whether you are looking for a small car to move around in for a few days or a sedan or even a 4X4 for a great adventure in the wild, we have you covered.

Here is a pro-tip, you can always get a 20% discount simply by booking your rental car directly on our website.


In conclusion, finding a car hire company in Nairobi shouldn’t cause you a headache anymore. Simply consider the three most important qualities a car hire company in Nairobi must have, decide on the rental car that best suits your needs and you are set.

Finally, whether you are a car enthusiast who enjoys a new set of wheels often, or you don’t need to drive as much anymore, or you need a sweet ride to impress some potential business partners or something in between, you have this comprehensive guide to make sure you choose the best car hire companies in Nairobi every time.


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